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Drive Electric Manitoba


EVs for a Cleaner Environment

Manitoba is proud of its environmental leadership, and electric vehicles offer the opportunity to further enhance this province’s achievements. EVs’ benefit to the environment are many and include:

Reduced emissions of harmful air pollutants

Increased energy efficiency

Reduced fossil fuel dependency

Reduced vehicle noise

Best use of electricity infrastructure

Lower emissions of greenhouse gases

Electric vehicles are the green choice, particularly in Manitoba where the “fuel” for EVs comes from this province’s plentiful supply of clean, renewable energy  – almost all of it hydroelectricity. Electric vehicles give consumers a new, environmentally friendly option, while reliably and safely meeting the performance standards drivers require and expect.

Where do EV batteries end up?

Lithium-ion batteries that are no longer usable in electric vehicles may be recycled for secondary applications.  Examples include stationary applications in buildings to provide electrical power during outages.  These uses don’t need to withstand the rigorous requirements of electric vehicles, and can extend the life of batteries.  Several development and demonstration projects are underway in Manitoba involving these applications.

How EVs Benefit You

How does freedom from fossil fuel benefit you?

Being Green Saves Green

Compared to fossil fuel (gasoline), Manitoba’s low electricity rates offer EV owners substantial operating cost savings, with the added advantage of low, energy-price volatility.

Plenty of Power

The combination of great torque (the force that turns a vehicle’s drive shaft) and smooth, quiet acceleration, makes an electric vehicle a high-performance choice for consumers.

Fuel Anywhere, Anytime

Make trips to the gas station a thing of the past. Your nearest electrical outlet – at home, at work or increasingly in public places – will connect you to the fuel you need.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Feel good about driving again, knowing your electric vehicle eliminates, or at least minimizes, greenhouse gas emissions and tailpipe pollutants.

Be a Trendsetter

Driving a state-of-the-art EV will probably get the attention of other drivers.  Enjoy some bragging rights!


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